November 2012

November Meeting 2012 Manitwo Flyers


Discussion on club officers for 2012. If no officers then no charter, if no charter then there is no insurance, if no insurance there there is no field. After much discussion and persuading we have come up with the following list of candidates:

President: Nick
Vice President: Jim
Treasurer: Terry
Secretary: Vince
Safety Officer: Lloyd
Field Marshal: Doug

Gene Leclair’s airplanes and accessories were sold and money added to the club’s treasury. The blast deflectors for jets have been sold. Money was also received from the soda fund.
Study of our finances for 2012 showed that except for the purchase of a new lawn mower the club would have been up $1600 after normal expenses. This bodes well for the continuing maintenance of the field and buildings. Part of the income was because of the fun flys and from the 42 paid members in 2012.

Treasurer report was accepted by Nick, seconded by Lew and approved by all.


June 22 2013 will be the next fun fly for the Manitwo flyers.
Mishicot gym has been acquired for the 2013 indoor flying season from the first Wednesday in January until the last Wednesday in March. Times will be from 7:00 until 9:00. This is not an official function of the Manitwo Flyers although most of the flyers there are also members of the club.

Two Rivers library has offered to display airplanes and information about the RC flying of the Manitwo Flyers. Terry is in charge of this. Planes will be hung from the ceilings and put into a display case, only restriction is on smell, no gas fumes or leaky messes. Brochures will also be distributed for the public to take.
For the 2013 fun fly we are hoping that Jim S will be the CD again.
March 12th 2013 is the be a buddy day for Fisherman School once again at the Two Rivers Community House.

Jim C has said he would do the mowing at the field if the club would waive his membership fee. Gene has said he will again cut the grass between the taxiways.
There was a general discussion on fire extinguishers. Are the two that we currently have at the field adequate. Will they work on battery fires, gas fires etc. The jet guys have their own style of extinguisher which is said to be quite expensive.

Discussion on wing bags, something to watch for is the lining so that it will not catch the servo linkages. Hobby Pak has a good selection of wing bags at a reasonable cost. Gene custom made his own wing bags, a lot of work but well work the effort.
Motion to adjourn by Lloyd, seconded by Vince all approved.