May 2012

May Meeting 2012 Manitwo Flyers
There were 12 members including 4 officers so there was a quorum for an official meeting.
 Treasurers report was read by Gene we had and motioned by Lew and seconded by Vince to be approved as read. Motion carried. Currently there  are 35 paid members signed up for 2012 season. Compare the current list to last year’s list we may be growing by another 10 members yet. Minutes were not read from last meeting as it was not an official meeting.
Biplane days appears to be heading towards a non sanctioned event as all the days the organizers are available are being used by other events. It was thought that this event would be a suggested event with everyone encouraged to come early stay late have fun and bring all the biplanes you can. No date set as of yet.
Price for soda for 2012 will remain at 50 cent. Motion was made, seconded and approved. No cost available yet for enclosing the concession area. Lloyd has not yet stocked the freezer with burger items. Price of burgers will reflect cost. Probably about $1.50.
 Jack S. made a motion that the field rules should be changed to reflect the reality of more pilots flying on 2.4 GHz spread spectrum radio systems. Currently the pilots AMA card for should be left on the frequency board and a 2.4 GHz pin removed for identification on the radio. The proposed rule would not require the pin to be used. AMA card should be left on board by non members or Club Card for members, this change was seconded and approved, motion carried. Jack will write the new rule up and send it out in an email.
No price on enclosing concession area yet. Last month it was decided to sell the Sig Kadet Senior trainer plane, however Jack S. is not going to purchase this plane so it is still for sale. Originally the lease for the field was to be about $700 to $800 per year. Basically the amount of acreage used has a value and this value is multiplied by the tax rate. After relooking at this the county determined that instead of being rent free through the 2014 season we will need to pay $124 this year, still a good deal.
The red walk behind TORO lawn mower is still for sale. Paul will be contacting the air exchange or posting it on Craig’s List.
We are still interested in a large mower for the new grass field. Motion was made to authorize Fred to investigate this and purchase a mower with cost not to exceed $5000. This motion was not seconded and not voted upon. However Fred will still check to see what is available. Several members of the club such as Gene and Lew and Vince feel that $5000 is too much to spend on the grass field and should be limited to $2000, there are more important things to spend money on at the field besides making a perfect grass runway for a very few or even only one member to use the grass field.
FUN FLY 2012
The  committee chairman was not present again so there was no report from him. Gene did talk about donations for the raffle prizes. There are not too many prizes yet but Gene will be calling several more vendors such as Aero Works RC, Bad Brad Graphics, 2 Dog RC, Bill Kvindlog will donate items at his cost. Rick Farr is working on the advertising, he has contacted all of the local radio stations and TV stations. Lloyd and Greg are still planning on organizing the food. Posters will be made and distributed even without the vendor/donor list. Motion was made by Jim, seconded by Nick and carried to print out 100 flyers.
Jack S reported that ex club member Gene LeClaire has donated his RC equipment to the club. For a complete list contact Jack Schoenberg. Someone will be needed to evaluate and price the equipment. The general consensus was to wait until fall and take the equipment to the Calumet Flyers auction in November at the Manitowoc Holiday INN.
The club will once again have a static display of airplanes at the Thunder on the Lakeshore Air show in June. Contact Lloyd Federer about details if you are interested.
Motion to adjourn by Paul, seconded by Jim and motion was carried.