March 2014

January 2014 Meeting Manitwo Flyers


Meeting was called to order shortly after 7:06.  Treasurer’s report was read and approved.  No minutes were read as there hasn’t been an official meeting for a while. Motion by Gene and seconded by Lew, motion carried.

Some discussion on why the money in the treasury is going down.  What were the expenses for 2013 and what was the income.  With that information and knowing what the beginning balance was it should be easier to tell if the club has lost money or not in 2013.

Eric brought his new DA70 in for show and tell.  Quite a magnificent piece of engineering.  Very nice.  The DA70 is basically a twin with two 35 conjoined.

Motion was made to offer Jim Colon free membership for the 2014 season as compensation for doing the field maintenance.  Since Club year starts on April 1st and Jim was not present at the meeting this motion was tabled until March.

March 25th at 11:30am the Two Rivers senior center will once again be requesting the club’s presence to show off the talents and planes of our club.  Anyone interested in attending this event should get in touch with Gene.

Motion made by Gene and seconded by Lew to approve the slate of candidates for 2014 officers.  Motion carried so the officers for 2014 are: President – Nick, Vice – Jim, Secretary – Vince, treasurer – Terry and safety – Lloyd.  As these are the same people as last year nothing will be changing in the running of the club.  This also means the board of directors stays the same as last year.

In the future it is thought that voting on changing the bylaws could be done electronically, either by voting on the website or voting by email.

Green Bay club has taken our fun fly date of June 25th away.  Since we will not be able to have enough people there we are cancelling the fun fly on that date.  One alternative would be to still have it but on June 7th.  This could work as there is most likely not going to be a Thunder on the Lakeshore in 2014.  This leaves that weekend open.

There was some discussion on the accountant.  Should we keep the one we have or look into finding someone else? No motions made about this.

Erik had some good ideas about increasing attendance at the meetings.  He recalls that when he joined the club that it was much more fun to go to the meetings.  One thing would be to go back to the bowling alley, which is still available, thus allowing the members to have a beer or two.  For this to work we would have to have the summer meetings at the field.

Since meetings are sparsely attended perhaps having them every other month or only as needed would help.

Should we start up the raffle again?  Perhaps having a theme Saturday in the summer for flying at the field. A biplane day, an all-electric day a war bird day etc.  Maybe a fun fly maybe a combat.  This would not be an exclusive event, other flyers would be welcome, it would just be encouraged to have similar type planes there on one day of the month.

There was still discussion on the RC cars adding a track near the field.

For a new member to join it is good for them to know who is who.  Who are the officers, who are the instructors?

What ever happened to flight education day?  This was a great event for the public.  Perhaps we should do this again, even as soon as this year.

Should we start up a newsletter again?  If so who would be willing to do this.  Should it be mail or just electronic in format.

The idea of having the Manitwo flyers work a both at the packer game or games is still on the table. A minimum of 4 people are needed for each game.  It is possible to earn at least $55 per person for the club. Maybe as an incentive the people working there would use the earned money as credit for the next season club membership.