March 2012

March Meeting 2012 Manitwo Flyers
There was a quorum present making the March meeting official, 10 members present.
Treasurers report was read by Gene we had 6 members sign up for 2012 to give us income of $300 for the month, $25 was spent on gas for Bill to travel for the senior center event, $15.50 for attendees at the senior center for lunch and $90 for the charter/insurance with the AMA.  This gave a net income of about $170,with the income and outcome in funds the club is worth about $10000 with $3925 in checkbook and $7595 in CD. Motion made by Lew and seconded by Vince to accept as the treasurers report as read.
Gene received a letter from county representative Jeff Beyer. The county needs a copy of our tax returns for their records. The lease is paid this year and through 2014 by the farmer leasing the balance of our acreage. This saves the club about $800 per year.
We have been paying sales tax on our power bill. Since we are non profit we do not pay taxes. We received a credit for about 3 months worth of free service.
We need a field report from Paul. We need to hear what the plan is for the field. There is a credit card for gas to use in the mowers. The field should be rolled while it is still soft.
Lloyd will be checking on the cost of enclosing the kitchen area.
There will be soda at the field again this season although the cost has gone up so the charge will now be 75 cents per can. Water bottles would be good to have also. Honor system to prevail again. We will also have hamburgers and buns in the freezer. Price to be determined. Motion was made to purchase these for the club by Gene, seconded by Vince. The motion was carried. Lloyd will get the groceries and deliver them to the field. Nick has volunteered to donate some propane tanks for spares to the club.
Someone drove out on the field this past offseason from the #2 flight station.
There was discussion on the Buddy Day at the Senior center. Thanks to all who were there to help, Gene, Lloyd, Lew, Jack, Eric, Paul and Bill. Everyone involved thought the event went quite well. The 50+ kids from St. Peter the Fisherman 6,7 and 8th graders were extremely well behaved. Videos were shown of model airplanes, club members answered questions from the children, planes were put on display as well as flight demonstrations.
FUN FLY 2012
We need to take pictures at the field will the Herald Times show up to take some? Should we do bug spray the day of the event. Maybe we can get some attention from the local TV stations. We only need a 1 day food permit for the fun fly. Want to make sure there is no free parking this year.
Motion to adjourn by Gene, seconded by Terry, motion carried.