June 2012

June Meeting 2012 Manitwo Flyers
There were 14 members including 4 officers so there was a quorum for an official meeting.
 Treasurers report was read by Gene we had a motion by Terry and seconded by Lew to be approved as read. Motion carried. Biggest expense was for the new cub cadet mower at $2149. Because of that expense the Shoreline credit union account was closed out.
Biplane days will be September 8th. This is not a sanctioned event. Nothing special planned by club for activities except encouragement to bring out your biplanes. Motion made by Jim and seconded by Paul. Motion was carried.
Field Rule changes were discussed again.
President Jack has resigned effective immediately. This makes Jim the new President for 2012.
Concession stand will cost about $2500 so this item was tabled at this time. With the expense of the mower and the unknown expense of blacktop maintenance it was felt the club should not spend any more money at this time. Blacktop was done in Fall of 2008 so this fall will be 4 years. It still looks good but it may need to be resealed. If that happens it will need to be repainted. The line down the center of the runways was for our enjoyment, the X’s at the end of the runway were thought to be a requirement to let full size airplane pilots know that this is not a real airport runway. Some members have heard comments from their pilot friends that they may have landed on our site but when they saw the big white X’s they did not. Other blacktop fields around the country do not have the painted X’s. It was generally thought that this is not an official rule, but maybe just a good idea.  A motion to table the concession stand by Jim and seconded by Gene was made, motioned carried.
The new mower committee found a good deal on a brand new Cub Cadet mower from Manitowoc County Lawn and Recreation. The mower has a 50 inch cut with a 25hp engine. This mower will be used exclusively for the new grass runway. It is not to be used for any other area, the tractor will still be used for the rest of the grassy areas. The cost of the new mower included a discount for the trade in of the old self propelled mower.
FUN FLY 2012
Terry reported on fun fly, list of items to be done was discussed. There will be an impound regulated with AMA card. Radios with 2.4ghz are not needed to be impounded but the pilots should hand in their AMA card before each flight and retrieve it after each flight to get a free raffle ticket. The raffle is open to everyone with no special bucket for the pilots. All the tickets will be the same color. 5 airplanes is maximum to be allowed in the air at one time. Low fast pass along the runway are not allowed. Greg and his wife will be doing the cooking. Lloyd has ordered the hamburgers and brats. Gene and Jim will be on the radio talk show to promote the event. Ken Tate will take care of parking. Setup to be Friday night at 4:00. 2011 fun fly had 23 pilots registered. Rick sent flyers to 19 different local clubs. If there is strong wind from north or south then the north south runway will be used but planes will not be started until they are near the runway. Herald Times Reporter was alerted. RTL fasteners would like to make a donation of a discount for their products. Paul donated a refrigerator to be used in the concession area. If it stays there it will need to be locked.
It was thought that if the grass was cut around the Manitwo Flyer signs on the highway that they would be easier to see.
Gene LeClaire’s planes are still available. The radios are probably not in useable shape as the batteries are dead. There are 4 planes.
Motion made by Lloyd, seconded by Gene and carried to renew the website for another year for $108.
Don Meneau’s health will prevent him from flying this year.
Meeting adjourned.

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