July 2012

July Meeting 2012 Manitwo Flyers
There were 10 members including 2 officers so there was a quorum for an official meeting.
 Treasurers report was summarized by President. A lot of the report was on the results of the fun fly. There were also the usually income and expenses. Motion by Lew to accept, seconded by Lloyd, treasurers report was approved.
Minutes were approved as written, motion by Artie and seconded by Rick.
FUN FLY 2012
The gross income for the fun fly was about $1166 with expenses before county payment of about $374 with a net income of about $792. Not bad for one day of fun in the sun. The food cost of $225 was the biggest expense but it was also the biggest revenue maker with the raffle coming in second. The 30 for $20 was very popular.
We had a turnout of 22 pilots. This was essentially the same as 2011. The public did not attend as well as last year. This was too bad as there was a good show with planes in the air all day almost nonstop. Discussion then ensued of how to increase public awareness, all of the things we brought up were done this year with the exception of maybe we should start even sooner with the advertising, maybe have two different posters, one with door prizes for clubs, and one without that listing for the general public.
To promote the club it was felt members should enjoy the fun flies at other clubs. Lloyd has been to many of them and will be going to Shawano this weekend. Aside from meeting other great people interested in the same thing you get to promote the Manitwo Flyers. This is good, as it is felt that maybe we are one of Manitowoc Counties best kept secret. Also when attending other events you could get ideas of how to improve or change our event to be better.
The Green Bay club makes money at their 2 day corn roast event every year. But since membership is getting older and that is a lot of work they are having a local charity do the food with proceeds split between the club and the charity. At their event they advertise way in advance and having done the event on the same weekend for many years also helps to bring in guest. They also have the guys from Balsa USA come down and give a little show and display their aircraft which is impressive with 1/3 scale or larger. They also have a bounce house for the kids.
Green Bay club members go to the Y several times and gives a flight demonstration with electrics to the kids and their parents. Get the parents interested also. Maybe the Manitwo Flyers could invite the public to watch the indoor flying or try to promote foamy flying in the schools.
Manitwo flyers have about 40 members, at $50 per member is the $2000 / year enough to keep the club’s yearly expenses covered? It generally felt this would be enough for normal expenses but not enough for special cost like seal coating the black top. So what can the club do to increase revenue. Perhaps a brat fry would be helpful.
Next spring it was decided that the parking lot should be sprayed with week killer.
One of the members lives in Arizona for the winter and stated that his club down there has about 125 members. Being an older established crowd they all have big planes. But oddly enough they all have foamies as well. Many a time the big planes get one flight in but the foamies are brought out and flown many times. When flying the foam models they usually gather a crowd of kids.
Fred picked up Gene LeClair planes from Jack and has them at his house. There will be a for sale listing of these items on the website. If the planes are still around in November Fred will take them to the Calumet flyers auction. As they are club planes the club should pay the table fee. Maybe sell the lot for $200. Or if wanted there is the Green Bay auction in October.
Biplane day will be September 8th, maybe we will sell hamburgers brats and soda again. There already is a flyer made up. Lloyd suggested that 50 hamburgers and 50 brats should be enough. At the fun fly we sold 130 sandwiches. The fun fly event is not limited to only biplanes, any multi wing plane is welcome. There was a discussion about having a landing fee or not but it was finally decided that a $5 fee would be charged for pilots. No charge for parking.
An old member of the club has made inquiries about staying at the field overnight in the parking lot with an RV. It was mentioned that this was decided last year already that it is no problem but to be sure that no flying is done without a paid member present for insurance reasons or without an AMA card.
Motion to adjourn by Artie seconded by Terry, motion unanimous.


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