January – 2013

January Meeting 2013 Manitwo Flyers
There were 8 members present and 3 officers so a quorum was obtained to make this an official meeting. The Treasurers report was read and accepted, motion was made by Greg and seconded by Rick. There was a motion made to move the checking account from Wells Fargo to Shoreline since Wells Fargo was requiring a $5000 minimum balance to avoid service fees. This will also be more convenient for the new Treasurer. There was some discussion had on whether or not the checks should require 2 signatures on them. No action taken on signature question since no checks should be written over $50 without prior approval by the club. Motion was made by Lew to move from Wells Fargo to Shoreline, seconded by Rick, motion carried.

Minutes of December meeting were not read as there were none taken due to lack of quorum at that meeting.

Candidates for 2013 officers was presented and voted upon. Rick moved the candidates be voted in, seconded by Lloyd and all present approved.

President: Nick
Vice President: Jim
Treasurer: Terry
Secretary: Vince
Safety Officer: Lloyd
Field Marshal: Doug


AMA dues are payable as of the first of the year. This is especially important for the newly elected club officers for AMA sanctioning. Club membership is up on March 31st.

The club Fun Fly is June 22nd and volunteers are needed again this year to help the event go as smoothly as possible. Terry will be sending out emails with a link to a sign up site for volunteers.

Jim Colon has volunteered his time for the routine maintenance at the field and to cut the field all season long in lieu of his membership fee. After a brief discussion a motion was made by Nick and seconded by Gene to try this for one year. Motion was carried. Any major repairs are still up to the club to decide how to handle them. Gene will do the mowing of the flight stations once again this year.

Terry will take charge of the fun fly on the 22nd of June. Greg has volunteered to handle the food and concessions. The food and raffle licenses are still good for the fun fly in date in 2013. Jim is a CD and will probably take care of this event but if needed Fred and Al are also CD’s.

We need to work on getting door prizes and advertising starting now. The notice should also be sent to AMA.
Motion to adjourn by Rick and seconded by Greg, motion was carried.

After official meeting there was some discussion Suzie LaMay and Tim Peterson about the Milwaukee swap meet in Waukesha. The people who run it are comprised of a coalition of local clubs. The tables fees of $25 and $5 admissions fees may seem to be a bit steep but all proceeds go into a general fund that is used to help promote the hobby through donations to clubs for field improvements or development. They are looking for additional clubs to join. Member clubs would have to have representatives at two yearly meetings and to have some volunteers at the swap meet. Would the Manitwo Flyers be interested in this or perhaps in holding a combined swap meet around our area instead.

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