January 2012

Manitwo Flyers, Ltd. Meeting

Minutes of January 17, 2012
The meeting was called to order at 7:00PM.

In Attendance:

Bruce Grimm( new member)
Jack Schoenberger
Rick Farr
Jeff Phillips
Greg Knipp
Cody Federer
Lloyd Federer
Rod Helgeland
Terry Schumacher
Gene M. Pagel

Election of Officers

A motion was made by Greg K. and seconded by Lloyd F. to elect the following officers for 2012.

President: Jack Schoenberger
Vice President; Jim Schneck
Secretary; Vince Hickel
Treasurer; Gene M. Pagel
Safety Officer; Doug Hahn
Field Marshall; Lloyd Federer

Motion carried.

2012 Fun Fly

A motion was made by Rick F and seconded by Greg K to have a fun fly again in 2012.

Motion carried

Terry Schumacher was volunteered to be the chairman for the event and he agreed he would do it with help from other club members. Jim Schneck had previously agreed to be the contest director again and Rick Farr volunteered to work on advertising and Gene Pagel is to give him info from last years event. Terry will begin looking into open dates for the event to try to avoid competing with other events.

Biplane Fun Fly

It was agreed that discussion for this event would be tabled because those who proposed the idea were not present.

Membership cards

It was agreed that we would continue to use the laminated membership cards as in the past.

Two Rivers Senior Center Folk Fair

The Two Rivers Recreation Department have asked if we would be interested in participating in their Folk Fair. This would be a static display of our models and possibly be flying demo in the gym at the Two Rivers Community House. (I have found out this morning that the date for the event is Monday March 19, 2012.) Jack S, Rick F., Lloyd F., and the writer will volunteer if available.

Web Site

There have been comments that the roster on our web site is incomplete. Gene Pagel is to make sure that all the correct information is given to Vince, our webmaster.

PS: Just a reminder from the club treasurer that our charter paperwork will be here before long. For us to get the charter for 2012, all officers must have their AMA membership paid. Also note that club membership goes from April 1 to March 31 each year.

A motion to adjourn was made by Greg K. and seconded by Rick F. at approximately 8:00 PM. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.