February 2012

February Meeting 2012 Manitwo Flyers
There was a quorum present making the February meeting official, 9 members and 1 guest who became a member by the end of the night.
Treasurers report was read by Gene we had 4 members sign up for 2012 to give us income of $200 for the month, $20 was spent on event sanction. This gave a net income of about $180,with the income and outcome in funds the club is worth about $10000. Motion made by Lew and seconded by Rick to accept as the treasurers report as read.
FUN FLY 2012
June 23rd is the Manitwo Flyers Fun Fly. Format will be similar to last year. This will be a sanctioned event. Terry Schumacher is running with this and so far is well organized. He has already sent out a volunteer list and is looking for more help. Rick will be working on the advertising, Lloyd will be working on the food, Gene will get the permit for food. The notice is already in the AMA calendar of events.
General discussion on fun fly setup. Where to have the people park, have cars with trailers on grass on either side of pavilion extending the flight line West and East. How are the safety lines setup. No smoking allowed along flight lines or under the pavilion. Gene will get the PA system. The raffle license is good until July so it does not need to be renewed before the fun fly.
Perhaps we should have a little air show put on. Maybe Jim could get Dave Scott to come and put on a demonstration.
There is a local school that may be interested in learning about flying and in return they may be able to help with the fun fly to help parking, food sales and prep.
Be a buddy day by the Two Rivers senior center folk fair is coming up March 19th and some members of the Manitwo flyers will be participating again this year. If interested in showing your airplanes or participating in an indoor flight demonstration then contact Gene. Flight demonstration will be in the Two Rivers Community House gym, a small area but one that many members of the club first learned how to fly electric planes.
So far Lloyd, Eric and Bill Kvindlog have expressed interest in flight demonstrations. A motion was made by Terry to provide Bill with $20 in gas money for his drive up from Waldo Wisconsin. The motion was seconded by Gene, vote was taken and the motion carried.
There was a brief discussion on closing in the kitchen area of the pavilion this year. Lloyd will measure the area and get some prices and ideas together for discussion at a future meeting.
Meeting adjourned motion made by Gene and seconded by Lew, motion carried.

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