August 2014

August 2014 Meeting Manitwo Flyers

9 members were present, there was a quorum.  Thanks to Nick, Lloyd, Vince, Jim C, Jim S., Lew, Gene, Rick and Terry.

Meeting was called to order around 7:00 pm by Nick.

Treasurer’s report was read and approved.  There are currently 29 paid members in the club.


Continue to discuss the finishing of kitchen area of pavilion.  There was much discussion on what should be done.  Basically comes down to planning for the future.  Should all four walls be put up with a roll up door on one side and a walk in door on the other side?  Should windows be added?  Should some items be left for the future as need dictates? Are lights going to be needed when everything is enclosed?

Motion made that Jim S. investigate what the cost of finishing the kitchen area is made by Gene and seconded by Lloyd and approved by unanimous approval or those present.

Jim C. said if Jim S. could get the materials to him before Labor Day he could have the job done himself in a few days.

There was continued discussion on Gene’s earlier potential fund raising project, work concessions at a Packer game.  It was still agreed that it would be hard to difficult if not impossible to get a commitment from enough people in the club to do this.  However, since it is a possible good source of income Gene is going to check on a partial commitment for either 1 or 2 games instead of all 10.

Another fund raiser project would be to work a booth at the county faire.  The commitment in time would be minimal with potential high rewards.  This would be to sell concessions of some sort, either with our own booth or share a booth with some other group that needs some additional volunteers.  Perhaps other family members could help on this as well.

Motion was made by Lloyd and seconded by Lew that Gene checks into the possibility of working the county fair in a fund raising project.  Motion approved.


The field is looking good and all agree that Jim is doing a great job, thanks Jim.  There are some cracks in the runway on the east end of the EW runway that maybe could be tarred.  It was generally agreed that the runways are in pretty good conditions and do not need to be seal coated for a while.  Basically there is no traffic on them that would cause major problems.

It was thought the X’s and stripes are generally in good shape yet and do not need to be redone for a while.  Nobody has seen any planes flying overhead in confusion trying to land.  A few powered parachutes have gone over but have not landed at the field.


The fun fly of 2014 was cancelled not just because of lack of interest but mainly because Green Bay Air Venture was supposed to take place on the same weekend.  It was generally agreed that it was a bad idea to cancel the event and that the club should sponsor a fun fly event in 2015.

Motion made by Vince and seconded by Lloyd that Terry check into having a sanctioned event on June 18th, 2015.  Terry will check with the contest coordinator of the district to verify the date is good.  Motion approved.

Nick is trying to get the meetings back at the firehouse but since the third Tuesday of every month is taken already (mainly because the club secretary did not alert the fire station about the clubs continued desire to have meetings there on the third Tuesday of each month) the second Tuesday of each month is available. No motion was made to switch the meeting.  Tabled for discussion again until the September meeting, which will be at the field.

Jim S. got an email complaining about the website lack of phone numbers for contact.  It was generally agreed that it is ok to have the phone numbers on the website and Vince was asked to put them on.  However there should be a message stating that when trying to call to first leave a message, as the call may be ignored otherwise.

Motion by Jim to close meeting, seconded by Lew, all approved, motion carried.