April 2013

April Meeting 2013 Manitwo Flyers
No quorum, not enough members present. Roll call was not taken since without a quorum there is not an official meeting. Treasurers’ report was read for all those present.
Be a buddy day went over quite well.
The official Manitwo Flyers bank was changed from Wells Fargo to Shoreline Credit Union.
Paul Due is once again doing maintenance on the equipment at the field this year. He has already done the oil changes, blade sharpening, etc.
June 22 2013 will be the next fun fly for the Manitwo flyers.
Education opportunity for the club members to contribute in the community. Valders school is looking for someone to help out with some instructional classroom training on RC flight and perhaps some flight demonstrations. There is limited room in the area but it could work for a park flyer. All things that fly, June 10-28, 8am to noon.
If we are going to put walls up we would need a quorum to vote on spending the money for 3 walls on a 20×40 area. This is to enclose the kitchen area. Then we would need some volunteers to do the work.
For Thunder on the Lakeshore RC Pilots a sanction fee and insurance fee are needed. Kelly Sweetman is coordinating this. Club officers present agreed to allow this expense of $40.
Website bill is coming soon.
Be vigilante at all events.
Should Paul Due be paid for the work he is doing at the field.
Campers are allowed at the field. No sewer or electric hookups available.
Perhaps the website should have an area for event sign up.
Summer meetings in June July and August will be held at the field, still 3rd Tuesday at 7:00pm.