April 2012

April Meeting 2012 Manitwo Flyers
Although there were 7 members present there were only 2 officers present so there was not a quorum present making the April meeting unofficial.
 Treasurers report was read by Gene we had 14 members sign up for 2012 to give us income of $660 for the month. We had expenses for field  and income for the club. Motion made by Craig Juban and seconded by Lew to accept as the treasurers report as read, motion carried.
FUN FLY 2012
No fun fly news to report as committee chairman was not present. Rick Farr is working on the advertising We have no news on donations.
The St. Peter the Fisherman newsletter had a nice article on the Be A Buddy Day.
Price for soda for 2012 will remain at 50 cent. Motion was going to be made but it was pointed out that no vote can be taken without a quorum. No cost available yet for enclosing the concession area. No news on hamburger/brats/hotdogs stocked in the freezer for purchase during the 2012 flying season.
It was suggested by Jack S. that the field rules should be changed to reflect the reality of more pilots flying on 2.4 GHz spread spectrum radio systems. Currently the pilots AMA card should be left on the frequency board and a 2.4 GHz pin removed for identification on the radio. The proposed rule would not require the pin to be used. This change has been tabled until next meeting.
Paul Kakuk has a refrigerator to donate to the club. It was thought this would be helpful to help hold soda and hamburgers.
It was decided to sell the Sig Kadet Senior trainer plane. Jack S. will be purchasing it from the club for $100. This is a much better deal for the club than the $75 for the new trainer system sold last year.
The red walk behind lawn mower is for sale for $100. It is a Toro model probably 4.5hp. It is not self propelled. Much discussion on getting a better lawn mower for the new grass field. The current rider mower takes forever to cut with its narrow cutting deck. The tractor cannot get low enough to cut the field as it should be for airplanes. Artie is going to check on a few leads to see if a used 60″ deck mower is available.
Paul Due did a great job of getting the mowers ready for the 2012 cutting season. He also did a wonderful job of making a drag to smooth out the gravel parking field. This has been done already and the lot looks very nice, the overgrowth of weeds and grass is cleaned up.
Biplane day is still in the works. Discussion was had on whether or not it should be a formal sanctioned event or keep it informal and just have a day of flying where people are encouraged to bring out their biplanes. This led to a discussion on what sanctioning means and why should it be done. Maybe Bill from Balsa USA would come down and give a demonstration with his giant scale aircraft.