One more week for some indoor flying to limber up the fingers before you have to go outside. Come to the Mishicot Varsity Gym  Wednesday from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm.  All are welcome!


Google Earth View of Manitwo Flyers RC ParkGoogle Earth View of Manitwo Flyers RC Park

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  1. How often does the club go to the Mishicot Varsity Gym to fly? I’m not a member, but it would be nice to have someplace indoors I can fly my quadcopter and hang out with people.

  2. Question – is this open for rocket launches at all and how does one get permission to do so w/ a Cub Scout pack? Also do you do demo’s at all? would LOVE to have someone show the boys!

    • We can not launch rockets, (wish we could) area farmers are worried of fire. Our club will love to set up a demo for cub scouts. Let me know when. June 20 we will be having a fun fly at the field and is free. And ANYTIME the gate is open, It is free to the public to come in and watch, We have soda and water for sale at the club house.

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