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  1. All Manitwo Flyers;

    This is to remind you all that the next meeting is being held at our flying field September 16, 2014 starting at 1900 hrs (7:00 P.M.).
    If weather permits you might care to fly a plane before the meeting starts.
    See you at the meeting.

    Manitwo Flyers RC Club
    3716 E. Hillcrest Road
    Between Highways 147 and 42
    Two Rivers, Wi. 54241
    44 deg 12′ .08″ N 87 deg 35′ .43″ W
    Clubs Web Page:
    President: Nick NItka
    Vice Pres: Jim Schneck
    Treasurer: Terry Schumacker
    Secretary: Vince Hickel
    Field and Safety Officer: Lloyd Federer

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